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Master Bedroom Design3D Construction Bedroom Designs Give You the Z’s You Need

3D Construction understands families are full of personalities, and each personality needs a unique space. Their space might be where the newborn is rocked to sleep. It might be space for two bunk beds where bedtime stories are read. Their space could be a quiet and intimate place for a couple to reconnect after a long day. Each space in your dream home has a unique meaning to your family.

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We readily custom design nurseries, kids rooms, guest rooms and master bedrooms.

Building a custom home is more than a financial investment. It’s putting your total trust in someone to make your custom home a reality. Each bedroom crafted by 3D Construction is built with what you need.

Custom Master BedroomMaking your Dream Bedroom a Reality

Every homeowner wants something different in their master bedroom. You might need plush carpets and a walk in closet, or a large TV and an attached bathroom. You might even need a balcony to survey your kingdom - a man’s home is his castle. Home is what you make of it, 3D Construction makes it happen.

Master Bedroom Design Services in Southeast WI

In addition to custom home building throughout southeast Wisconsin, we offer complete bedroom remodeling services. Contact the contractors at 3D Construction for:

Bedrooms Designed with the Landscape in Mind

3D Construction carefully reads the landscape of your property to find the best location for your custom home. If you want your bedroom to overlook a nearby lake or your backyard, we will design accordingly. We can provide you with stunning views from every room possible. Our designers believe harmony between your home and your property is critical to its natural beauty.

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Custom Homes Built from the Inside-Out

The master bedroom might be where you retreat to relax, but what about the rest of the family? 3D Construction designs and builds every aspect of your dream home, including:

Whether you want a granite countertop in the kitchen or another laundry room on the 2nd floor, your wish is granted! Let 3D Construction be your Wisconsin contractors. 

Design More than a Master Bedroom

3D Construction is capable of so much more than designing the master bedroom of your dreams. Whatever type of home you envision, 3-D Construction can build it. From our updated take on the classic ranch home to multi-level homes and bungalows, we build homes to fit every lifestyle. We can even build a design you bring us.

Build Your Own Ranch Home

This isn’t your 1960’s ranch house! Over the years, the classic ranch home has been re-envisioned with design features more amenable to modern families. Looking to design your own ranch home? Just let us know.

Build Your Own 2-Story Home

After nearly 40 years of building homes, 3-D Construction has custom built two-story homes in a variety of architectural styles. We can modify any of these existing plans to your preference or start fresh with your own ideas.

Design Your Own Luxury Home

Want something entirely original? Design your own Southeast WI home with 3D Construction to make your unique luxury dream home a reality.

Build Your Own Tri-Level Home

Three-story homes are a great way to maximize square footage, especially on smaller sized lots. 3-D construction can design and build 3-story homes in virtually any architectural style. Let us know what you have in mind.

Build Your Own Bungalow Home

Custom Bungalow & Craftsman style homes have an enduring appeal, particularly for anyone looking to build in an older neighborhood with smaller lots. 3-D Construction can provide everything from initial design to final construction.

Choose from a variety of bedroom designs & ideas. Contact 3D Construction to get started.



Have a completely original and unique style in mind? All of our professional contractors have years built upon years of experience in carpentry; a real advantage in custom home building. Attention to every single detail -each hammered nail and every truss secured in place – is what sets us apart from the phony “luxury” home builder down the street. Our Wisconsin home builders construct gorgeous floorplans, including:

Ranch Home
Ranch Style Home in Wisconsin
2-Story Home
2-Story Home in Wisconsin
Tri-Level Home
Tri-Level Home in Wisconsin
Bungalow Home
Bungalow style home in Wisconsin
Custom Bedroom
Bedroom floor plans
Custom Bathroom
Bathroom floor plans
Custom Kitchen
Kitchen floor plans
Custom Living & Dining
Living and Dining room floor plans
Custom Bonus Room
Bonus room floor plans
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