Custom Bungalow Home Design from 3D Construction

The unmatched curb appeal of bungalow style homes has made them a popular choice among property owners in more compact neighborhoods. 3D Construction offers an all-in-one package of design, planning, and construction of your own new luxury home. Already have plans for your custom Wisconsin bungalow? We build to suit from the ground up! Unsure where to begin? Take a look at some of our floor plans to get started.

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Custom Bungalow Style Floor Plan Options

What does it mean to have a custom floor plan from 3D Construction in your bungalow style home? It means whatever you want it to mean. The term “custom” means every detail is yours to decide. The custom home builders at 3D Construction craft every room of your bungalow style home to fit your needs. Our bungalow style floor plan options include:

Kitchen Floor Plans

Design the perfect kitchen for your bungalow style home. 3D Construction has a number of custom kitchen floor plans to choose from, or we can help you design your own.

Bathroom Floor Plans

Your bungalow style home's custom bathroom can feature a walk-in shower and a double vanity when you build with 3D Construction.

Bedroom Floor Plans

A custom bedroom floor plan from 3D Construction is designed to compliment your bungalow style home. From the master bedroom to the guestroom, everything is built to your specifications.

Living Room Floor Plans

Living & dining room floor plans from 3D Construction are built to suit your bungalow style home whether you've imagined something modern or classic.

Bonus Room Floor Plans

The bonus room in your custom bungalow style home can be a weight room, a study, or a man cave. The only limitation is your imagination!

Design a Custom Bungalow Style Home Anywhere in Wisconsin

Bungalow style homes designed and built by 3D Construction can be seen from the streets of Oak Creek to the shores of Racine. Contact 3D Construction for:

Bungalow Style Homes Built in Wisconsin

Take a look at some of the bungalow style homes 3D Construction designed and built in Southeast Wisconsin. Contact our custom home builders and we can bring your dreams to life.

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Have a completely original and unique style in mind? All of our professional contractors have years built upon years of experience in carpentry; a real advantage in custom home building. Attention to every single detail -each hammered nail and every truss secured in place – is what sets us apart from the phony “luxury” home builder down the street. Our Wisconsin home builders construct gorgeous floorplans, including:

Ranch Home
Ranch Style Home in Wisconsin
2-Story Home
2-Story Home in Wisconsin
Tri-Level Home
Tri-Level Home in Wisconsin
Bungalow Home
Bungalow style home in Wisconsin
Custom Bedroom
Bedroom floor plans
Custom Bathroom
Bathroom floor plans
Custom Kitchen
Kitchen floor plans
Custom Living & Dining
Living and Dining room floor plans
Custom Bonus Room
Bonus room floor plans
And More
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